Monday, August 18, 2008



i have nothing to say.

Lyra! youre such a good friend. SWEAR!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How i wish i am still in grade school.

OH my gosh! Its really OH MY GOSH! i am getting so tired of everything. College is actually hard, i already have 7 majors. Can you imagine that? & our instructors are always giving quizzes. It can actually kill me. swear!

My day is not so good. I really feel irritated of everything.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Whoa! I cant believe that i am actually making my own blog.

Haha! I am not really sure if i am doing the right thing. =P I think this is not me. i dont like to write. Oh, not because i cant write but i am actually lazy with this kind of things. And, i dont think this would be useful. No one is going to be interested in reading my stuff. Its useless. I think? (haha, pity me!) Well, maybe it will just help me in releasing my feelings. But, how can it help me? Will somebody leave me a comment telling that he cares and understand me? I DON'T THINK SO. BEh! =D

Well anyway, this is what happened why im seeing myself making my story & letting you guys read it. hehe. =P

I am with my friend lyra right now, & ever since.. she's always encouraging me to do my own blog since she has one, & enjoying it a lot. She actually wants me to do everything that she is doing. (Laugh) We are like more than good friends. We are actually SISTERS. Not by blood, but we really treat each other as a sister. Oh well, back to the topic, she loves telling her story by updating her blog. No doubt she will really enjoy this kind of stuff since she is a writer. Ooopppsss! or, should i say she is the editor in chief of our school publication.

Congratulation sis!!! You made it.

And so, since she's into this blogy blog blog... She is convincing me that this is really a nice thing. So, here i am, making my own blog. Haha! I just cant imagine myself updating this everyday. I much prefer to hang out with my friends. hehe!

Hmm... but i will just do my best, to update this by time. (laugh)

Till here, i dont wanna make it longer. Haha. Lyra would think i am already enjoying this. hehehehe.. =P